Products With Heart

Two Girls’ is proud to present its latest finds, combining beautiful organic products, with heart.

Clutches and totes, hand woven silk and cotton scarves…



From the hills of Laos come gorgeous clutches featuring fabric taken from clothes worn by women of the Akha Tribes designed to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of Lao textiles.


Also new to us and created by weavers who form part of a weaving cooperative called Eastern Weft, are a selection of amazing silk and cotton scarves.  Eastern Weft products are made on traditional looms and are created entirely by hand using natural materials found onsite, such as leaves, seeds and flowers in season (look for rasberries and parsley leaves!).  The result is scarves in mind blowing colours! (Note our model – able to sit still for hours and hours but has only 1 expression…)



Finally, check out these beautiful totes from another amazing group named Global Sisters whose primary purpose is to provide support and direction for established refugee women in Australia. The combination of asking, listening and talking has resulted in a network of women who act as mentors to these beautiful ladies to realize their dreams. Happily we present some beautiful totes by one such lady named Jennifer.



These totes are made from skirts recycled from Hmong tribes and then sewn here in Australia. They feature long leather straps, are lined and have an inside pocket.

When you give yourself the gift of one of these pieces be assured that you are also giving the gift of freedom to women and children both here and abroad. That your purchase truly is one with a heart.

Click on the images for more information or feel free to email me if you want further information.

Sam x

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