Silver Cloud and Barsony

Barsony Lighting is widely known for their iconic "Black Lady" sculptures and table lamps. George Barsony, a Hungarian-born Australian artist, founded Barsony Ceramics in the 1950s with his wife Jean. 

George and Jean Barsony opened a factory in Guildford, Western Sydney where they produced ceramic sculptures and figurines under the name Silver Cloud, later trading as Barsony.  One of the lovely and quaint stories of the business was that Jean would hand paint the detailing in the evenings at the kitchen table.  Given the success of their figurines later expanding into lamps, which became massively popular.

The lamps, characterized by their smooth, glossy finish and minimalist design, epitomize the aesthetics of the mid-century modern era, and have become highly sought after as decorative pieces, particularly in mid-century modern and retro interior design schemes.

Barsony Lighting's designs reflected the artistic and cultural trends of the time, capturing the spirit of post-war optimism and modernism. While the company ceased production in the late 1970s, Barsony lamps remain highly collectible and are prized by vintage enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Today, they are considered iconic examples of mid-century Australian design.