The Natural Beauty of Devore Cowhide Rugs

Enhance Your Home with the Natural Beauty of Devore Cowhide Rugs

Decorating the space in which you live is an essential element to expressing who you are.  Knowing that your décor fits together and reflects your personality is the key to creating your dream living space.

Finding the individual pieces you need to make your dream living space a reality can, however, be challenging, particularly as a consumer with an interest in protecting the environment.

That’s where TGAAC comes in.

We offer a unique set of pieces that are hand-picked and produced in accordance with safe, sustainable practices; this means you can relax and choose beautiful products knowing you are doing so without hurting the environment.

Today we are promoting our line of devore cowhide rugs. They bring a natural, earthy character to any living space, and can be used as far more than floor coverings. They make great bed spreads, they can be splashed on the wall as art, or even stretched and framed to form a western-style divider for your room. Each piece of leather used in the making of these rugs is unique and special; no two are exactly alike. The high quality, soft feel, and gentle sheen of these rugs are truly amazing and will really elevate your space.

The devore process itself is also very interesting, creating a texture unlike any other. It involves burning the pile and top of the fabric or hide away with acid. The cellulose then dissolves and creates a semi-transparent pattern which stands out in relief from the skin below it. If that sounds a bit scary, do not be worried; Two Girls And A Container (TGAAC) is careful only to work with tanners and leatherworkers whose processes are extremely environmentally safe and friendly.

Take a look at some of our pictures to see how a few  decorators have put them to use:


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