SPECIAL – Polka Dots

$1,300.00 $1,100.00


Incredible Leather Rug with Devore finish

We have sought far and wide for the best cowhides available to bring you an incredible selection of cowhides from Brazil.

This hide is XL in size, approximately 7 ft x 7 ft.

These hides are particularly special, featuring large gold matte patterns on a natural long hair white hide.  They are simply AMAZING.

Due to the reliability of our supplier, although each hide has subtle differences you can expect your hide to be very similar to that in the picture.

Devore is a special process during which wherever the metallic lies, the hair is removed in an etching process.  Extremely beautiful but still very hard wearing with care.

We recommend vacuuming using the softest attachment possible.

Note that while we do not profess to being the cheapest supplier of hair on hides, however, we can assure you that our hides are of superior quality and that our tanners follow a tanning process that ensures our environment is impacted as little as possible.


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