Here we go…


Oh my, our first blog post.  Things have been pretty flat out here at two girls over the past few months.  After an impromptu trip to Bali to buy some building materials for our house reno projects, we managed to come back crazy with ideas for a new business, if you want to call it that.  Seriously, there is some amazingly beautiful home stuff over there which we wanted to share with our friends back here.


But how to pull it off?  Now, while Sam is gung-ho about making everything happen yesterday, I drive her crazy by planning and doing things at a bit more of a chilled pace.  Still, somehow we have cobbled it all together over a few wines and way too much coffee in the past few months and ‘two girls and a container’ has been born.


Are you a sucker for beautiful stuff for your home like us?  Let’s get real, we can’t all afford to have high end homewares and sometimes it’s the funky cheaper stuff that brings your home together and gives it the ‘you’ stamp of uniqueness.


We just couldn’t resist when we were in Bali and hit the ground running every day – there was so much to see in a short space of time.  After our morning fix from Grocer & Grind in Seminyak, we found inspiring, beautiful and totally fabulous things down alleyways and in all kinds of nooks and crannies among the streets of Bali.  Far out, we knew we were in serious trouble when we even decided to buy our kitchens there! (our long-suffering husbands were in despair back home).


They are a creative bunch over there in Bali for such a little island and come up with some freaking gorgeous designs for furniture and homewares and let’s face it, are the pioneers for the outdoor room concept which we love so much here in Oz.


So, lovely friends, it’s become our mission to help bring some of this fabulousness into your world.  The plan is to import quite a few containers of gorgeousness from Bali and beyond and help you create the home you love.  We also love that we are helping some beautiful people in Bali get work and don’t be fooled, much of what they create there comes from traditional handcrafting methods, not factories.  In fact, almost everything we will bring in from Indonesia is handcrafted and eco-friendly.


We promise not to hassle you with loads of boring correspondence and only send you info about the good things, or the things we think are good anyways.  Together, Sam and I have selected most of the stock items and have custom-designed some furniture and pieces that we think you’ll love.  Sam has taken all the pics for our website, set up our showroom and worked out lots of the financial stuff…she’s got energy to burn.  We’ve had lots of email chin wags at 3am when neither of us could sleep and come up with some of our best ideas in those hours.  I’ve also helped a bit too thank you very much.  I think I’ve inherited most of the writing and marketing tasks so please humour me with your feedback….plus flick us any ideas you have where we could make it even better.


We’ll strive to bring you some on-trend ideas on this blog plus interviews with interior designers, tips from the experts, point you to some interesting articles and probably include some random stuff about ourselves from time to time.


Here’s an article I had to laugh at from about house renovating – “The tradesmen will not be hot and other universal truths about renovating”

Plus, stumbled across this site recently, really cool ideas and information here:


That’s it from us for now, thanks for listening!


Nik x


Ps. That iconic US homewares store Pottery Barn has just opened in Sydney in Bondi Junction…go have a look and tell us what you love most.


About Nik and Sam….

Nik and Sam are the founders of twogirlsandacontainer and both have done oodles of stuff in the past involving interiors, houses, renovating and choosing awesome furniture and homeware pieces.  They are mums who have been known to sneak one too many wines on occasion, are inspired by creativity and good design and are pretty opinionated on what they think works in life.  They love pulling it all together and creating a fabulous home environment not necessarily with a lot of expense or rule-following involved.