Happy New Financial Year!

Good afternoon everyone at twogirls – here comes the sun after weeks of rain and grey skies, woo hoo!

OMG, what happened to the first half of 2013? Has been fun and games here at twogirls and we are crazy-busy but happy-busy! Both of us are in the middle of house renovations, eofy sales (you must have been living under a rock if you missed our sale), have chalked-up a couple of media interviews, plus, and most importantly, we have been flat chat organising two new containers…..we are blown away by what we have coming and can’t wait to share with you……it’s going to be good. There are some out-there colourful cushions which will make you smile (did us!), timber stools, gorgeous wooden bowls, divine hide poufs/benches, French-style teak dining tables, nests of tables, custom-made sideboards, hand-carved whitewash timber mirrors, wall decos, rattan chairs and bedheads in oh-sooooo-pretty gelato colours – serious fabulousness is coming your way!

Speaking of teak furniture, we wanted you to give you a little education today because when we started out, we knew very little too about teak furniture and wanted to make sure no trees/forests/animals are getting obliterated because of what we do. The wood from the custom-made furniture and timber we use is all reclaimed teak from the buildings/houses of Holland colonial era in South East Asia. We only work with manufacturers of “old” teak who love and respect it as much as us. Teak has a beautiful structure, colour and is well-known for its capacity to withstand dramatic weather changes. Plus, it’s easy to work with and sculpt, making it hugely popular for furniture manufacture. In fact, many of today’s beautiful furniture designs represent the “English Garden Tradition” which was used during those colonial times and hasn’t changed much at all over the years. With old teak, there is little impact from humidity so the risk of the timber cracking is minimal. Most of the wood we use originates from East Java due to the geography and perfect growing conditions….in fact, Indonesian teak is considered the highest quality in the world.

Here’s some snaps similar to what we have coming…….





Stay with us friends, you’ll hear us yahooing really loud when the containers arrive and you’ll be the first to see and hear about it. In case you missed our recent article in fab blog Interiors Addict, here is the link…..http://theinteriorsaddict.com/two-girls-and-a-container-bringing-new-homewares-to-australia

Till next time, enjoy the sun while you can…….

Nik & Sam

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