7 Tips for Decorating with Cushions

Cushions, cushions, cushions

There are three things we totally love right now.  Australian made, warm spring beach loving weather and everything handmade – and we’ve found a way to bring you all 3, wrapped up in a beautiful, soft cushion!

Of course, you can buy cushions anywhere.  But who wants the same thing as everyone else?  I hear you scream, “NOT ME!”  That’s why we’ve teamed up with a beautiful Australian artist to create some cushion collections that will be the envy of your friends.

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7 Tips

We know that decorating with cushions can be kind of overwhelming so to help you get the most from your purchase, here are a few tips…

1.  Stick with one general colour palette but don’t be afraid to mix up your patterns and cushion shapes

2. Go largest at the back to smallest at the front

3. If you can’t afford to purchase lots of beautiful hand made cushions, include just a couple with some other plain coloured cushions and the really special cushions will add just enough “pop” your living area or bedroom needs.

4. Choosing a colour – If you look around your home, chances are you will find there is 1 colour presiding over the rest.  It might be a painting, a favourite vase – anything!  Use this as your starting point to select a colour palette of cushions.

5. DON’T be fooled into thinking there are living room cushions vs bedroom cushions.  They are all the same!  Swap them around to change up your spaces.

6. Try to purchase cushions with different images on each side (like ours).  This way you get 2 cushions for the price of 1!

7. Have fun.  I prefer my cushions to be kind of thrown around rather than meticulously placed, so when in doubt, throw about!







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